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Plans for Delphi and C++

Tue, 26 Jun 2007

Future Delphi features and technologies will focus on:

* High performance Windows applications with rich GUI requirements
* Client/Server application development
* Database application development
* Business Web application development
* Exploitation of PC hardware advances

Future Delphi releases will be tailored for:

* ISVs and MicroISVs
* VARs, Consultants, and System Integrators
* Small to medium sized businesses

As always, this roadmap indicates plans and intentions…


This is a very good compilation of the history of Pascal (as driven by Borland), now morphed into Delphi, morphing into … ???

Product Name

Code Name

Release Date

?Delphi 200N


Somewhere in 2009

?C++ Builder 2009


Middle of 2008

?Delphi 2009? – Unicode/improved VCL


First Half 2008

?Delphi 2008? for .Net 2.0/3.0


Second Half 2007

C++ Builder 2007


2007, early June

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