Words of Wisdom

Thu, 22 May 2008

We gone through a training on “object oriented analysis and design” by Mr. N. Ramakrishnan. He has a rich experience of 30 years in the industry and training was a great insight to many software aspects which goes far beyond the training topic.

The main attractions of this training were his precise answers and practical relevance. When you see a person relating technical jargons to real life problems, you realize that it is a juice of long experience. Following are just few of his quotes he used in the training which are quiet amusing to say the least:

  • Radio and software are similar in nature. If you touch it even if it is working, it will stop working!
  • A programmer or designer is just a spoke in the wheel! (In the relation to stress that if you understand something, doesn’t mean everybody understands it.)
  • Computers are just high speed idiots!
  • In software design, knowing more is almost always less!
  • Use the design patterns only if software is complex!
  • As a software architect, you must know what you don’t know!
  • Bollywood movies are best example of multiple inheritance!
  • Don’t take any pattern as it is. Always improvise on it based on project!

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