Today morning, I was going through the security section of IEEE newsletters, and came across to know about a new security threat called “JavaScript Hijacking”, which I think shall be worth sharing with you all.  Read the rest of this entry »


Updated article posted. First posted in March 2007

ms-masthead-ltr[1] Agile development methodologies have been gaining acceptance in the mainstream software development community. While there are numerous studies of Agile development in academic and educational settings, there has been little detailed reporting of the usage, penetration and success of Agile methodologies in traditional, professional software development organizations. This is a report on the results of a specific study conducted at Microsoft

Here is an interesting post I came across. Can you guess what are 5 most used commands in MS office?

Here is the answer from Office 2007 UI designer!

I am working on a product which is developed using Delphi for Win32. Originally Delphi 7 was used and we then moved to Delphi 9 (Delphi 2005) and are now planning to move to Delphi 10 (Delphi 2006). Read the rest of this entry »

Programming in C ?

Wed, 25 Jul 2007

It has been years since I last programmed in C, but it looks like I will need to do it again. As a result I am seeking information rather than sharing it !

Any ideas or suggestions of good websites to use to get back up to speed ?

Programming in 2027?

Thu, 19 Jul 2007

What will programming be like in the year 2027? Will there be any programmers, or will everyone be a programmer? What programming languages and methodologies will we be using? How will teams of programmers do their work? What changes in our world will affect programming? Will climate change or advances in technology and education set a new course for programming along the way to 2027? Will economic and geographic changes affect programming?

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Inside Microsoft’s future kitchen

By Peter Price
BBC World Service’s Digital Planet

Computing giant Microsoft is centring its plans for future growth less on the office and more on getting consumer-friendly devices into every room in our homes – at least if the projects on display at the country’s research centre in Cambridge are anything to go by.

A “kitchen” at the centre is full of a whole range of the company’s new designs – and few of them are suited to the office environment. Read the rest of this entry »