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Agile development methodologies have been gaining acceptance in the mainstream software development community. While there are numerous studies of Agile development in academic and educational settings, there has been little detailed…


Do users want more or less choice when it comes to the look and feel of their operating systems?

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What a joke !

Q: What will Windows 2008 look like?

A: Microsoft is waiting till their research division (Apple) release their next operating system. Then MS will take the most ballyhooed features of that release. Make a bad copy based on a misunderstanding on what makes computers easy to use. Release the product, making millions of PCs and peripherals less than a year old “Obsolete”.

And the sad truth is that this is the development cycle of every MS product since Windows 1.0

Work in progress …

Fri, 09 Mar 2007

This is a new blog site designed to share information amongst our technical teams. I will be sending out invitations and more details later.

Watch this space…

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